Press Room, 25. September 2011

Interview with Gunther Meyringer, CEO New Frontier Group, about Romsys evolution within the holding

New Frontier Group had a successful evolution in the last two years and we have managed to grow the business organically by 26%, without making any acquisitions. We recorded increases on all the markets where we are present, but Romsys was the leader in terms of percentage growth and we are very pleased with the work of the local management team. This evolution has placed New Frontier among the top integrators in the region, exceeding our direct competition.

As part of New Frontier Group, Romsys has the advantage of a regional player, with access to expertise and multiple references. Many of our customers are companies with regional presence, and one of their objectives is to reduce the number of contractors. Therefore, with such companies, we sign general contracts that open opportunities for cooperation in all markets where we operate. Furthermore, these large companies prefer to work with strong partners in order to reduce risks in major projects management. Regional integrators development does not mean that local players will exit this business. It will always be room for companies of 30-50 people for small projects or sub-contracting activities. Another advantage that Romsys has on the local market is the partnership with WincorNixdor, which gives us a very good position in the banking services market.

In addition to traditional business lines, in near future we will bring new solutions into the group’s portfolio, such as CRM, our own add-ons for retail services and even SaaS service delivery. While in Romania Microsoft Dynamics business line is less dynamic, the group’s strategy is to address the enterprise market with SAP solutions and the middle companies with Microsoft solutions. Xpat, the company that New Frontier Group owns in Hungary, has a very good evolution and completed big projects developed on Microsoft technology, including in Romania.

Romania is an important strategic market, second in size after Poland. Although recently some large projects have been developed, in the market, big investments in IT solutions are still scarce. We are pleased with the Romanian market development, but the potential is much higher. In terms of investment, we consider that the actual Romsys structure covers very well the current market, but we do not exclude any acquisition if there is a real opportunity. The market needs to consolidate. There are fewer available projects and therefore we focus on gaining market share from the competition. Economic indicators for 2011 look good, but we are interested not only in turnover increase, but also in maintaining our profitability.

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