Press Room, 28. May 2007

Mechel Targoviste Has Chosen Cisco Communication Solution Made by Romsys

Romsys, Romanian Cisco Premier Partner, has implemented a complex project that optimizes and improves technological work processes at Mechel Targoviste.

Romsys, Romanian Cisco Premier Partner, has implemented a complex project that optimizes and improves technological work processes at Mechel Targoviste.

The technical solution optimizes the work processes and increases the operational efficiency. This project includes the latest high end Cisco communication solution made of optic fiber that has been working since March 2007.

The main feature for the designed communication system is the insurance of the redundancy for all main Backbone connections, physical infrastructure with redundant access pathways; network architecture with an automatic commutation schema or possible damages; charging equipment from knots by means of UPS; the integration of a monitoring solution that can prevent the major events and optimize the network operation activities.

The prefered solution for the industrial plant area was fiber-to-the-desk, and the technologies for the implementation were chosen to mazimize the fiability for the final system.

Another major feature is the scalability that allows easily to add users and new equipment at very low costs if the existent capabilities are extended. The solution allows equipment migration beginning with inferior levels and replacing them with superior technological equipment from the capabilities point of view. The proposed architecture allows the netwok to be used for new applications: WAN connection (Wide Area Network), NAC (Network Admission Control), VoIP (voice services by means of IP network), videoconferences.

Another major advantage is the small staff of people required to perform administrative operations of the system.

In the new architecture, the network connects 18 locations within Mechel Targoviste with 400 working stations in a configuration that includes fiber optic backbone for 100 of them. Gigabit links connect the posts to the two main computers. The project implementation lasted five months and required more than  500 man / day of work. The tests have lasted two months, the system being available at the end of February 2007.

"Mechel chose  Romsys solution based on Cisco technologies in order to minimize the technological risks, while also ensuring the success of the implementations. Given the shareholders - decisions to reduce costs, there were promoted managerial politics to follow specific expenses, reinforce technological area, optimize the technological activity within all the sectors. The first step in proving the necessary IT support to sustain the technological process materializes in designing and modernizing the communication network", stated Mr.

In the industrial communication sector, Romsys has acquired an unique experience in Romania by means of integrated projects for international companies such as: Renault-Dacia and Mittal Steel Galaţi.

About Mechel

Mechel Targoviste belongs to Mechel group. Mechel is a company present in mining and metallurgy sector and gathers coal manufacturers, ore iron, nickel, steel, laminate items, made of wire. At the end of 2005, Mechel has reached a number of 4.746 employees. For further information please feel free to contact: Mr. Gutu Roman, IT manager, Mechel Targoviste.

About Romsys

Romsys,, founded in 1993, is the first IT company in Romania certified ISO 9000 since 1996. Romsys is praised for the quality of services offered to their customers, including solution design and development, implementation of business management solutions, security solutions, communication and infrastructure solutions on a variety of technologies and platforms. Romsys solutions and services are used primarily in banking, defense and national security, government, telecommunications and public utilities sectors.

About Cisco

Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO)is a worldwide leader in Internet communication equipment.You can find information about Cisco at For daily news, visit the site Cisco equipment in Europe are provided by Cisco Systems International BV, a branch that belongs to Cisco Systems.

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