Press Room, 15. October 2014

Romsys invites you to SAP Forum!

Romsys, as SAP Gold partner invites you on 16th of October, starting with 08:30 at SAP Forum.

The high level of usage of operational and management processes and technological advance create a constant growth of business complexity, at any scale and in any field. This unavoidable evolution generates at the company level a decrease in innovation capacity and so the risk of losing the competitive edge appears.

Because of this, simplifying business and facilitating client interaction, business partners and employees become necessary for the company and the technology starts playing a decisive role on the evolution of every organization.

Romsys, as Gold SAP Partner invites you at SAP Forum where you will have the opportunity to:

  • Discover new ways of empowering clients, employers and suppliers, through a simplified and easy experience
  • Discover how new technology can simplify business processes in a visible way through eliminating complex IT infrastructure and by doing this you cut down a lot on costs
  • Experiment with the most recent technologies for conducting business in real time and offer the possibility of optimizing resources

SAP Forum is more than a discussion about technology; it is about connection between people and ideas, it can help you rethink, reimagine and reconfigure the future of your business.

For more information about Romsys expertise in SAP solutions and detailed presentations of projects developed in the mobility sector, please visit the following pages:

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