Press Room,  3. March 2015

Second edition of "Enriching Marketing & Sales through Technology" event

Romsys in partnership with Oracle with special support from Business Magazine, Bitdefender and Institute of Marketing organized all together the second edition of Marketing 4.0 - Enriching marketing and sales through technology.

 In an era in which "fast-forward" is the only way we can exist on the market, the technology has become the most important instrument for the transmission of messages to our customers. But how can we automate effective marketing activities without losing contact with your customers?

Specialists in Marketing Automation and Digital Transformation join us to share a perspective more ... of marketing. If the Marketing 2.0 has gone, and Marketing 3.0 was positioned as "the Digital Marketing Age ', we have to define together in terms of technological Marketing 4.0 ... can be Marketing Automation, Social Relationship Management, development of sales expertise to marketers or vice versa, or simply a better profiling of the target group.

Christian Terfloth, Head of Digital Transformation New Frontier Group and Allan Young, Oracle Cloud Marketing Manager Partners, Irina Olanescu, Marketing & Innovation Director Romsys and Oana Sav, Institute of Marketing and Dan Puzdeac, Bitdefender Marketing Director shared with us knowledge and new tools to discover what will be the road of Marketing in this new era.

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