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The Austrians from Romsys recuited a General Manager from Softwin

Gunther Meyringer, who took over Romsys leadership in March 2008 states that Romsys business has grown by 3%.

Gunther Meyringer, who took over Romsys leadership in March 2008 states that Romsys business has grown by 3%.
Romsys, one of the largest players on the local IT integrators market, recruited Horatiu Berdila as General Manager, who is the former Commercial Manager of Ascenta, the IT services and consultancy division of the Softwin group controlled by the businessman Florian Talpes.

Romsys’ operations last year were lead by the Management team of the Austrian fund New Frontier Holding, which bought Romsys from the businessman Marius Cojanu at the end of 2007.

Branislav Vujovic, Executive Manager of NFH, occupied the position of President of Romsys, while Gunther Meyringer (CTO for NFH) is the CEO of Romsys since March 2008, when he replaced Florian Semen.

“When we took over Romsys we started looking for a Romanian General Manager, a process that was finalized at the end of 2008. Starting with January, Horatiu Berdila from Ascenta has joined the Romsys team on this position” stated Gunther Meyringer. “Recruiting a Romanian as General Manager will consolidate Romsys Management team. Horatiu Berdila will have full management responsibility of the company, while NFH – me and Branislav Vujovic – will continue on the line of strategic development for Romsys, as well as in identifying new business opportunities.”

The fact that Horatiu Berdila left Ascenta and accepted General Manager position in Romsys represent an important evolution in his the career, as he will administrate a business which is twice the size of his former one. Ascenta registered a turnover figure of 10 mil Euros in the fiscal year which was closed on the 31’st of March, 2008 and had prepared an annual growth pace situated between 20 and 40%. Romsys’ turnover last year is estimated over 25 million Euros. Ascenta counted, at the end of last year, around 100 employees. In contrast, Romsys has around 250 employees.
Gunther Meyringer stated that the Romsys business in 2008 can surpass 25 million euros, growing with 3% over the 2007 level of 24.4 million.

“We haven’t managed to finalize the audit for 2008, but the preliminary info indicate a growth of 3% compared to 2007, as well as a growth of the operational profit”, he stated without offering further details. Romsys has had a profit of 4.11 million euros in 2007. The company estimated though an advance in business of 15-20% in 2008. Meyringer stated that one of the factors that determined the downward evolution of the business is identifying lines of business which the company decided not to pursue, reducing investments and determining a drop of about 10% of the income. “This decision, though, has a positive impact on Romsys’ profitability and on the company’s perspectives on the long term.”

The second factor, explains Romsys CEO, is tied to the postponing or cancelling of some projects in the field of ERP (enterprise resource management), especially in the industrial field (steel manufacturers).

“All in all, we are still growing and we registered an edge of over 50% on certain segments, such as the Business Solutions area, Networking and Communications. In the big picture we are satisfied with the transition process of Romsys, especially because we have managed to gain a significant amount of new customers.” added Meyringer.

Regarding the plans for 2009, Romsys has developed two business strategies, that take into consideration, on one side, business growth and on the other maintaining the decrease trend.

“The actual economic climate will change any plan or estimation that was made 2-3 years ago. We are expecting the central and eastern European region, and also Romania to be affected by the global crisis. We have developed these two scenarios and we are monitoring and aligning our investments from one quarter to another. The evaluation of decisions is made weekly” explains Meyringer, who didn’t offer an estimate on the revenue figures.

He also stated that Romsys didn’t consider making employees redundant or reducing salaries and will continue to invest in the strategic business areas. The main lines of development of the company are installing ATMs, implementing SAP solutions and technical support in the infrastructure field.

“We are still holding our number of 230-250 employees, but we have changed the structure of our departments. We passed, as proposed, from an annual system of bonus awarding, to a quarterly one and the feedback from the employees has been very positive” stated Meyringer. The company chose to change its internal structure of compensation in the attempt to induce loyalty in the employees. The turnover personnel rate is situated at approximately 20%, and one of Meyringer’s objectives was to minimize this figure.

The Austrian company New Frontier Holding, which intends to create through acquisitions one of the largest IT Service Supplier in Central and Eastern Europe, took over the company Romsys in 2007. Romsys was founded in 1993 by the businessman Marius Cojanu.

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