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Traditional Attendance of Romsys at Expomil 2007

Romsys, strategic partner of Romanian Ministry of Defense (MoD), attended the fifth edition of International Exhibition for Military Equipment, Expomil, which took place at Romexpo during 18-21 September 2007.

Romsys, strategic partner of Romanian Ministry of Defense (MoD), attended the fifth edition of International Exhibition for Military Equipment, Expomil, which took place at Romexpo during 18-21 September 2007.

Romsys had the opportunity to present complex infrastructure and information solutions for the military domain, based on up-to-date technologies, with famous international companies.

Organized in cooperation with  Romanian MoD, Ministry of Economy and Commerce, Ministry of Interior, Romarm SA and Patromil, the exhibition gathered more than 100 exhibitors who presented technical military novelties, creating a favourable framework for commercial appointments among producers, suppliers, distributors  and beneficiars.

The exhibition brought to the specialists attention not only the Romanian defense industry demand and offer but also the foreign partners equipments and military technologies.

Romsys booth was visited by high political and military personalities like Mr. Teodor Melescanu-The Minister of National Defense, Mr. Admiral dr. Gheorghe Marin - Chief of general Staff, Mr. Corneliu Dobritoiu, The State Secretary in Romanian MoD, Mr General Major dr. eng. Ioan Eftimie Sandu - Chief of Armaments Department.

Romsys presented information and infrastructure solutions implemented in defense strategis systems through a series of complex projects.

Among the most recent applications developed and implemented by Romsys, there is the information application N-Core based on the principles of NATO Codification System, in concordance with NATO textbook regarding codification.The application is used in Europe by several NATO countries and will have a decisive role in assuring the compatibility and interoperability between the national codification office of the Romanian MoD and NATO.  Its use will increase the efficiency of the logistics chain by removing  all  inventory duplicates, reducing  the overall  costs and increasing the efficiency in using the resources.

The contract was signed following a thorough auction and Romsys was chosen because of the  well balanced price-quality factor of the proposed solution and moreover because of the guarantee represented by many infrastructure projects implemented during the its 14 years of experience on the system integrators market in Romania" mentioned an  official of Romanian MoD.

The success of military projects is guaranteed by the specific skills constantly developed and improved by Romsys team: apart structure of defense department that deals with military projects, skilled staff, most of them ex-military specialised staff, the experience to develop military solutions, the observation of military standards (both Romanian and NATO standards) and the requirements based on security and MoD procedures.

A major milestone in the company's history was the "Lockheed Martin Star Supplier" award in 2003 on behalf of Lockheed Martin American Corporation - the greatest system integrator and IT services provider of the USA Government. This acknowledgement puts the company among the prestigious providers and partners of the American corporation. Romsys is the only company in Eastern and Central Europe to succeed in such a remarkable performance.

Romsys holds the necessary certifications in order to approach specific projects in the benefit of the military and national security domain: OMCAS - Romanian Ministry of Defence (1997), CCAS - Ministry of Interior (1998) and ORNISS for the national strategic classified projects and for classified NATO projects as well.

Romsys is the first NATO-certified company in Romania. Founded as a private Romanian company,Romsys is praised for the quality of services offered to their customers, including solution design and development, implementation of business management solutions, security solutions, communication and infrastructure solutions on a variety of technologies and platforms.

Romsys solutions and services are used primarily in banking, defense and national security, government, telecommunications and public utilities sectors.

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