Business Areas

Financials & Insurance

Romsys has a great experience in the Financial Sector and Insurance Solutions, working with the largest Romanian banks on complex projects, in core-banking systems and business banking systems for hole-sale and retail banking, ATM/POS and networking-communications areas.

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Energy & Utilities

During the last years Utilities companies are dealing with the unbundling of energy & gas suppliers along with the higher expectations of the customers, being forced to optimize their structures and to adjust to e-business methods. Romsys implemented solutions for Utilities that registered a total success rate.

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Industry & Manufacturing

Opportunities and risk are everywhere within Industry sector dominating the ongoing transformation of the companies challenged to adopt modern, up-to-date operational methods in order to maximize productivity while reducing the costs.

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Public & Health

Central and local administrations adopt new operating models in order to adjust to the most exigent public requirements. They are dealing with the pressure of changing into more efficient and transparent institutions. Romsys implemented solutions that represented an important contribution to the improvement of the governmental process by increasing resources assignment and consume while enhancing public services quality.

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Telecom & Hightech

Telecommunications represent without doubt one of the most dynamic and competitive sectors, where operators and service providers have to raise investments profitability through evaluation of market needs and opportunities while ensuring loyal consumers.

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With an extensive experience in implementing major specific military projects, Romsys solutions aim at increasing the interoperability among MoD structures by constant enhancement of infrastructure communications and security.

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