Supply for Strengthening the Capability of the Romanian Blood Transfusion System to Comply with EU Requirements - National Hematological Institute


To maintain a high level of protection of people health by minimizing all blood transfusion risks related to: the donor identification, generating labels for every blood unit collected and recording the results of the post donation tests.

To achieve blood and blood components auto sufficiency in concordance with transfusion  modern practice.


It is a unique integrated information system, according to the settlement 2002/98/CE regarding quality and security standards in order to collect, process, stock and provide human blood and blood components as well.


The Unique National System for Identification of every blood donation, of every blood unit and human blood component collected or prepared, is in accordance with the European transfusion practice and guarantees the tracking from the moment the blood-donor eligibility is set to the moment the transfusion for the receiving patient is accomplished.

The confidentiality of the blood-transfusion act and blood-donors data security will be developed in terms of prohibiting any unauthorized changes in the blood-donors files or in the exclusion registers. The prohibition of the unauthorized data transfer and the introduction of some procedures will solve any lack of concordance within the data system.

Benefits & Results

During the first stage, Romsys solution was implemented within three blood transfusion units, two in Bucharest and one in Constanta and it will be also integrated in 4-5 territorial blood transfusion centers.

The information system implemented by Romsys at the National Hematological Institute stands for a real contribution to the actual efforts of improvement of Romanian Health System.

Particularly, the integrated system leads to the elimination of the risks in terms of  the transmission of sever diseases such as: hepatitis C or SIDA by means of blood transfusion – considered to be the main channel of spreading these diseases.  In this way the system reaches the same level of safety/security as the similar systems in EU.