Romsys owns a rich solutions portfolio and has extensive experience in implementing major  specific military systems at national level, especially infrastructure, communications and security systems. 

Romsys is certified by the Romanian National Security Authority (ORNISS/RNSA) to work on both national and NATO special projects. This requires certified personnel, security clearance systems according to national and NATO standards and a high-security location where design, development, implementation and support activities for these projects are carried out.

Romsys was awarded by Lockheed Martin with the “Lockheed Martin Star Supplier” distinction. This acknowledgement represents a remarkable certification and a guarantee concerning Romsys quality services and puts the company among the prestigious providers and partners of the American corporation.

Out of the 60,000 Lockheed Martin subcontractors at that time, only 130 were awarded with STAR Supplier distinction and Romsys was the second company in Central and Eastern Europe who achieved the title in Subcontractors Section.

Romsys Capabilities for Military IT&C Systems

  • Good knowledge and proven experience in working with military standards (both Romanian and NATO), security regulations, special procedures of MoD
  • Efficient internal procedures focusing on clearly understanding and implementing of both technical and operational requirements of military customers
  • Extensive experience in successfully implementing specific military projects (30 projects in 15 years)

Key Projects

  • SCCAN - National Command and Control System of the Romanian Air Forces
  • ASOC - Air Sovereignty Operations Center
  • PSFA - Pilot System for the Final ASOC
  • CIE Phases I, II - Communication Infrastructure Enhancement for Romanian MoD (case study)
  • FDEx - FlightPlan Data Exchange and Processing System for Romanian Air Force (case study)
  • CRIPTAL - Cryptographic Laboratory for Romanian MoD
  • SIAAB - Command and Control System for an Army Brigade (case study)
  • DRMI - ICT System for Defence Resources Management Institute
  • SIPER - Human Resources Management System for Romanian MoD
  • SURA - Procurement Management System for Romanian MoD
  • SDMS - Secure Data Management System
  • SICOB - ERP System for Romanian Military Equipment and Technologies Research Agency
  • SICOR - Software for Romanian Information System for Codification
  • SCOMAR – Surveilance on Black See Coast