The Integrated Information System for Financial Management of the Higher Education (Phare HER) - Ministry of Education and Research



Design, development and implementation of an integrated solution, able to provide unitary financial management of the higher education at national level.


Romsys provided the Emsys software application with necessary development tools, hardware and communications infrastructure for 632 work stations as well as the related services for the communication solution

SGBD and development tools:

  • Progress Workgroup DB;
  • Progress Client Networking;
  • Progress EU Desktop; Progress Provision;
  • Progress Actuate Developer; Jbuilder 3 Professional.

Hardware Infrastructure:

  • Sun Application server;
  • Firewall (Sun Ultra 5);
  • Workstations (HP Brio şi Vectra);
  • UPS;
  • Printers (Lexmark Laser Printer);
  • Trend Micro Interscan Viruswall;
  • Checkpoint Firewall;

Communication infrastructure

  • Modem;H
  • Hub;
  • Switch;
  • Router;
  • Cabling and other components.

Benefits & Results

Financial management for Ministry of Education and Research headquarter, 56 universities, 4 libraries, CNFIS and CNCSIS.

Phare HER develops software applications on several modules:

  • Budgets Management
  • Research contract management
  • Financial Management
  • Payrolls
  • Decision tools
  • Interface with Ministry of Education and Research