Workforce Automation


Queue Management

The waiting line management solutions, developed through the optimization of the counter tellers activity, have proved their efficiency by reducing the waiting lines and minimizing client's discomfort regarding the banks employees. Such a solution has a hardware component (equipement that releases order notes) and a software component (the application manage and optimize the client flow inside the branch).

Optimizing the cash supply (ATM, cash register, processing center)

PC/E Cash Management is an application that realizes the  cash need optimization in all points of a bank. The main goal is to optimize the demand/need of cash for: ATMs, safes, cash recircling equipment, registers or processing centers. The optimization leads to the  reduction of expenses generated by cash supply activities of equipment like ATMs, reduction of costs for stock supply and for extra figures extraction, supervising the activities of the companies which ensure the cash transport, improvieent of the availability of equipments which require cash and accomplish the corect previsioning of the money need inside the bank. Optimization takes seasonal fluctuations and increased needs, such as at the end of the month, into consideration. A custom calendar to plan local events rounds off the system. A bank from the Top 10 already uses this application.

Optimizing the distribution of the encription keys for ATMs

According to the international standards for distribution of the encription keys, it is necessary to transmit them through two persons (each with half of the information) and on two different routes. The Wincor Nixdorf solution, Remote Key Loading, allows the centralised secure distribution of these keys from a distance, reducing the risks that come with normal distribution and insertion. The solution already has two implementations in Romania.

Direct Marketing

PC/E Direct Marketing offers you a full marketing loop for direct sales contacts with your customers. Your customer's responses are directly integrated in a speedy analysis and evaluation process, which is the starting point for a new sales campaign. PC/E Direct Marketing uses the self-service terminal for direct contact with the customer. This gives an effective boost to customer loyalty activities and enables you to win new customers. Marketing activities on self-service systems range from basic advertisements to dialogs with a response option for specific customers.

Key Management

PC/E Key Loading Security - Key Management covers the entire terminal master key process chain. The end-to-end solution creates and distributes master keys automatically and closes the process with a complete audit trail in the form of a seamless documentation. The fact that the entire key management process is merged on our interface is a major time and cost saver. This allows you to manage the complete master key process from a single workstation - fast, securely and easily. PC/E Key Loading Security - Key Management is an end to end solution that automatically generates, manages and loads keys.