Customer Relationship Management

 Customer Relationship Management  (CRM) provides the insights and analysis needed to anticipate customer needs and build lasting, profitable customer relashionship.

CRM refers to a software-based approach to handling customer relationships and can be implemented without major investments in software but software is often necessary to explore the full benefits of a CRM strategy.

SAP CRM applications are easy to use, providing analitic functions for marketing, sales and customer services, with immediate access to essential data and advanced search functions, increasing efficiency and productivity of employees.

Oracle Siebel CRM help organizations differentiate against competition, to increase sales and profit. It provides a combination of transactional, analitical and engagement features in order to manage and control all customer-oriented operations.

Top Benefits of CRM implementations

  • Gobal visibility on customer-related information
  • Provides flexibility to create unique customer experience
  • Drives the organization to more consistent, relevant interactions across all channels and touch points
  • Enables end-to-end processes within industry value chain

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