Document Management System Implementation - ENEL


Implementation of a software independent system, accessible from any subsidiary, in order to suport collaboration and synchronization related to documents and general information.

Delivery of a strong software, easy to use, multilingual supporting and most important: user-friendly look and feel.

Adjust a standard existing software to specific requirements.

The software provided must have highly efficient search capabilities, in order to lsearch through a large amount of documents, delivering fast and exact results.

Short delivery time (30 days from contract agreement)


Design of a special type of document that would fit Enel standards. Also workflows that support the quality and integrity of the published content.

Alfresco integration with Active Directory and security policy

Setting up the infrastructure, based on the requirements scheme: creation of specific folders hierarchy, specific user groups and access rights configuration, proper consultancy services to ensure that users are efficiently using the delivered software capabilities.


Alfresco ECM highly compatible with the requirements, with excellent user interface: customizable dashboards, great usability features.

The Alfresco ECM repository was setup and has very good indexing features that offer enhanced search capabilities. It is an independent system, web-based fronted software, capable to support the most popular database engines.

Best consultancy, latest Java technologies and ECM standards for great use resulting in a stable, powerful and very easy to maintain application.

Romsys, along with Alfresco, had an important contributio to the provided ECM standards, "best practice" scenarios and alignment inside customer organization.

Benefits & Results

  • Enhancement of collaboration in organization by synchronizing information between all Enel subsidiaries across the country.
  • Organizing and providing information and documents structure within ENEL.
  • Opening new communication channels (such as  the news RSS function) mass mails can now be avoided.
  • Ensuring  safely storage and retrieval of information at any time, anywhere inside organization.
  • Confidence for relevance and integrity of published content.
  • Easy to adopt solution, intuitive interface and quick results in organiying mass distribution.