Integrated Information System for Financial Management - E.ON Gaz Romania (Distrigaz Nord)


E.ON Gaz Romania is constanly concerned with improving the services of natural gas distribution towards the users. The company is also focusing on optimizing the relations with thousands of customers in northern Romania.

E.ON Gaz Romania wanted to change the information solution in parallel with the end of the privatization process, ownership and management changes, reengineering and organizational changes, without affecting the current activity.

Training of the staff accustomed with the previous information system, so that the applications based on the latest SAP technologies to be most efficiently used.


Unitary processes for all company subsidiaries.

Information exchange and reporting with the German trust that has taken over E.ON Gaz Romania.

Update of new stipulations, especially the legal ones, from a single point at the level of the entire information infrastructure.


Romsys implemented the information system in record time in parallel with E.ON Romania privatization and radical change of SAP implementation strategy.

A complex high performance Integrated Information System based on SAP applications, hardware and telecommunications infrastructure and a data center.

The solution is comprised of four SAP subprojects: Core R-3, IS-Utilities, Human Resources and Business Warehouse.

E.ON Gaz România ensures natural gas supply for 1,3 mio customers in more than 20 districts in Northern Romania,  Transilvania, Moldova, Maramureş and Banat.

Benefits & Results

A performant data–voice–image network that ensures data safety and security provides the link between the Head Quarter and Distribution Branches and the most important operational subunits.

The information system is compatible with the IT architecture used by the international E.ON group and provides all necessary tools for the performance management of the company.

Real-time access to centralized information and a high-level of security are ensured by establishing a proper decisional hierarchy.

Redundant processes are eliminated and transparency grows within the company.

Specific elements of E.ON Gaz România: 1.300.000 clients, 2000 end users of SAP applications, HQ, 11 distribution branches and E.ON Romania service provider branch.