Integrated Information System and Related Consultancy Services – GDF Suez Energy Romania (Distrigaz Sud)


GDF Suez is constantly concerned with improving the long term global efficiency of the company, enhancing customers` portfolio and maximizing the number of users.

One of the challenges was to implement a solution that would sustain the change process of the company.

Defining new business processes while implementing SAP project.

Accuracy and coherence of the provided information.


  • Unitary business and operational processes for all company subsidiaries
  • Information system that ensures the competitiveness at the level of European profile market
  • The company alignment to international standards and real-time control of the activity
  • Tight partnership between the two companies with end-user training  from SAP consultants in Romsys


The Integrated Information System based on SAP applications centralizes all data and information related to the existing operational subunits and administrates them according to the requirements of both the European legislation and Distrigaz industry-specific processes.

The solution comprises several SAP subprojects, Core R/3, IS-Utilities (financial, accounting, controlling, projects and investments, materials and repairs management, sales and distribution), Human Resources and Business Warehouse.

The Central Data Processing System, with its hardware platform and SAP applications installed at Distrigaz Head Quarter ensures the the general functionality of the Integrated Information System.

Benefits & Results

The application enables, at company level, the management of the information related to the customer billing & invoicing and resources planning and the supervision of all technological parameters of the distribution and supply channels.

The information system is compliant with business processes minimizing operating errors, use of time and human resources while maximizing transparency, security and real-time access to centralized information.

Specific elements of GDF Suez Energy România: 1.245.000 clients, 2400 end users of SAP applications, one headquarters, 11 distribution branches and one service provider branch.