Integrated Information System for Financial Management - Hidroelectrica SA


Hidroelectrica unitary financial management at national level


Replacing all stand alone applications with an ERP, based on a detailed analysis of all the    financial processes for HQ and all 15th Branches


The implementation of the Integrated Information System for Financial Management at Hidroelectrica has started with a pilot for headquarters and 2 branches. After the acceptance of the pilot, the preparation for roll-out begun and the project continued to extend to the other branches.

The ERP Solution with three tier architecture manages the entire flow of financial information which participate to the process of producing electricity.

Romsys has provided the Emsys software application, the hardware infrastructure and the implementation services required for system functionality, as well as the equipments and related services for the data-video conference solution.
The application totally responds to the requirements of the Romanian laws and legislation.

Benefits & Results

Real time access to information for HQ and the 15 Branches, in order to support central management consolidated decisions.

 The System is being operated by aprox. 400 users from Financial Accounting, Human Resources, Exploatation and Maintainance Departments of all the branches and Bucharest headquarters.