CoLaborator - University of Politechnics Bucharest


Creation of a modern High Performance Computing (HPC) centre in order to become an environment for the collaboration among universities.

The initiative for this project belongs to the consortium formed by the Department of Computers and the Numerical Methods Lab from the University "Politehnica" Bucharest, Technical University Iasi, University of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj-Napoca and the University Galati.

Apart from those above, there are other universities, research institutes and industrial partners that expressed their wish to participate within the project's activities.


Organizing CoLaborator  at national level, using the infrastructure of the national network for education and research.


For the High Performance Computing Center placed within the University Politehnica Bucharest, Romsys brought one of the most powerful computers in Balkans. The "giant" is 2 meters high, 1.27 meters wide and weighs 800 kg, representing tat the time the peak of the Sun Microsystems server range. StarFire E10000 has up to 64 processors, 16 GB of RAM memory, 500 GB disk storage space and working facilities specific to mainframes.

Apart from StarFire E10000, Romsys delivered two more servers, Sun E420 and E220, 4 Hewlett Packard workstations and 8 Sun Blade 100, the dedicated applications, communication networks and user training. Romsys specialists together with those from Sun Microsystems secured the technical expertise during project implementation.

Benefits & Results

CoLaborator ensures:

  • The offering of wide access to a powerful HPC server for the Romanian academic community;
  • The development of a new paradigm of collaboration between computer specialists, scientific computing and other domains of research;
  • The promotion of advanced interdisciplinary research and the development of human resources through programs like Master's Degree, Doctor's

Degree and post-university studies.

  • The integration into the top node network in Europe and United States, as well as supporting the technology transfer in the domain of high Performance Computing.