The Enhancement of Medical System for Tuberculosis Control in Romania - Marius Nasta Pneumoftiziology Institute


In the past in Romania were annually registered more than 30.000 tuberculosis (TB). cases. All information necessary for the national database were written by hand and posted.

The challenge for Romsys was to create and implement an integrated information system that yearly collects country - wide data about the 30000 TB patients in Romania, in about 200 health units and 80 laboratories.

IT is a specialised solution for the  epidemological surveillance of TB and monitoring of the National Control Program of TB in Romania


  • Collecting nation wide data about TB infected patients.
  • Providing nation wide registry of TB infected patients.
  • Providing reports for the regional and national managers of the TB program.
  • Advanced reporting and data export for the health  insurance and for organizations like HMO and Euro TB.


The whole system was delivered as a “turn-key” solution, as Romsys also provided the hardware and the training for all the end-users.

Web-based solution that allows a more efficient way to handle TB cases.

During the first phase, the working  stations were offline, without stable internet connection, every node had its own application instance installed, along with a local database, every node was a server for the health unit.

During the second phase, a centralized web solution was deployed.

Benefits & Results

Information about every individual TB patient health record and history  are available system-wide instantly on a  “need to know” basis.

Enhancement of the adoption of proper epidemiological measures by optimizing the communication between the laboratories, hospital and other health units.

Every patient’s treatment is accurately recorded and monitored to prevent errors.

Printing all the documents in the health unit’s workflow related to TB patients releases the medical personnel from a lot of bureaucratic work.