Information System for Anti-Corruption Structures (ACoS) - Ministry of Administration and Interior


Creation of an Integrated Information System for Anti-coruption structure: Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Finance - Customs, Public Ministry.


The possibility of input, processing and output for anti-corruption structure information related to Customs Administration – Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Interior, with data categories:

  • Identification data for natural and legal person
  • Characteristics for goods or personal estate
  • Information data for documents used in Anti-Corruption structure activity


ACoS consists of hardware infrastructure, database and applications serveres (clusters), certification and authentication server, smartcard, firewall.

Software application has 2 main subsystems, namelyRecords Management (investigation and prosecution stages) and query external databases for the investigation stage.

Romsys ensured the following services:

  • Project Management
  • Detailed analysis of requirements
  • Design, Software Development
  • Installation, configuration and testing hardware and system software
  • Training users
  • Support and maintenance

Benefits & Results

The development of integrated information system supports the implementation of the Anti-Corruption Structure Database and Applications, in order to provide the full information for the ACOS activity and to assure the communication between the institutions involved in the project, taking into account the nature of the exchanged data and their secret character.

The information system for ACOS has at core the local database from the anti-corruption structure and is integrated with information from Customs Administration – Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Justice.